Friday, April 22, 2011

McPhee's Grill - Templeton, CA

The last time I went to McPhee's I was just a wee one showing at the Templeton Sales Yard in the junior Buckaroo. So that was quite some time ago and decided this trip to Paso would be a nice time to re-visit.

Some bites to enjoy before dinner. They serve olive oil with their bread, I asked for butter.

The Mushroom Soup to start. It looks beautiful right? It tasted just fine and served as a nice compliment to my buttered bread.

That is a whole lot of action on one plate! The Mahi Mahi crusted with macadamia, Asian slaw, cucumber salad and wasabi mashed potatoes. The sauce was a terrific ginger sesame. I ate and ate until there was nothing left on the plate!

Both Cowboy Ron and Scott got steaks and declared them just so so. Nothing that should be written home about.

But this, this is something I want to bathe in daily. Hello Creme Brule. Best I have had in a long time. I pretty much polished this one off myself!

If you are looking for a more contemporary dining experience come here. Looking for steaks? Maybe head down the road. That was my experience. What was yours?

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