Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jonathan's - Ventura, CA

Jonathan's at Pierano's Grocery features food found all over the Mediterranean. They have an extensive tapas menu that even found me, a little foodie totally intrigued!

How about Filet Mignon Hummus? Yes, you heard right. The meat was totally juicy, salsa spicy and the hummus cooling. Perfect combination.

When I saw Portuguese Crab Bisque on the menu I could not pass it up. it was delicious. Real crab meat and very generous portions too. This is a must order.

Already pretty full from my previous eats, I went with the Spanakopita. Two deep fried deliciously spinach filled pillows! The feta was served on the side for a perfect forkful in every bite.

Now for the star of the evening: The Vegetable Paella. Filled to the brim with peppers, chokes, mushrooms, zucchini and olives. The rice was cooked just right and the portion was enough for two! A dent was barely made into this one. Thank goodness for left overs.

I believe another trip to Jonathan's will be in the works. We have to make our way through the Tapas menu!

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