Saturday, May 22, 2010

Yankee Pier - San Jose, CA

I would like to say we went to Santana Row and it was a beautiful day. It wasn't! Very cold and overcast... It didn't scare us away! We came hungry and ready to shop. My sister said the Yankee Pier had the BEST clam chowder so I had to try it myself...

Hey look, it is Melissa Good Taste!

Inside the YP it was very East Coast, beach house feel.

Jennifer! The one who swore by the chowder...

Downtown Brown? Don't mind if I do! It was a nutty brew, very creamy.

Oysters on the half shell, yes please! Tasty little devils.

Did you know the smaller the oyster the sweeter the taste?!

According to Jennifer this is the best clam chowder ever. It was pretty good. Not the best, but darn good. I appreciate the dill biscuit floater. I am a believer Jennifer!

This is the Hot Lobster Roll - Just toast filled with heated sweet lobster. I wish they served it with melted butter. But, no. They served it plain Maybe a suggestion for next time?

Fish and Chips - Delicatly breaded and delicious. I know fried foods are pretty hard to mess up but the quality of the fish is really what made this over the top.

After our meal we had to walk off some of the calories we just consumed. A good way to do that is by shopping! In and out of stores we went settling on purchases from Anthropology and H&M. It was a lovely day but I think I need a nap now!


SkippyMom said...

Have you ever had an east coast lobster roll? The roll is buttered then grilled and there is a hint of binder [scant mayo usually] to hold the big chunks of lobster together - they are so good.

I have never heard/seen a lobster roll prepared like this one [but the meat looks mighty tasty].

Fun fact: Did you know that the McDonald's in the Northeast actually sell a version of the lobster roll? I always wanted to try one. lol

Melissa Good Taste said...

I have not tried an East Coast Lobster Roll but it sounds perfect! That is a fun fact about McDonald's -- yum!

Anonymous said...

Here's another little tidbit of McD's trivia.... Know why they don't have any shrimp there? A: they toyed with the idea back in the 90's but stopped when they found out there wasn't enough shrimp in the WORLD to supply all the McD's.... ;) -- Stephen