Monday, May 18, 2009

Harris Ranch - Coalinga, Ca

My mom and I were all packed up and headed down to the horse show in Bakersfield. About 30 minutes down Interstate 5 we both looked at each other and said, "I am hungry" -- almost in perfect unison. So we patiently wanted until we rolled up on the Harris Ranch compound. They really have the place mastered. Gas station, beautiful hotel, fun gift shop and of course the three restaurants to dine at.

The Ranch Kitchen is a perfect dining setting for families. The extensive menu is sure to please everyone. Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Ranch Kitchen is a safe bet for a decent meal along Interstate 5.

Inside the Ranch Kitchen the western way of life is prominent. Old farming and ranch equipment adorn the walls, giving it a cozy ambiance.

Up first was my Lentil Soup. Pretty tasty broth. I never have been a big Lentil soup fan but this one was ok. The bread that was brought to the table really took the soup to the next level. Perfect for dunking!

Kathy's salad was ok. There was a ton of bell peppers lurking underneath the lettuce, which she was not a fan of. The chunks of croutons were gigantic!

I read the description of the BBLT Panini, "Roasted tri- tip, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, caramelized onions, provolone cheese and horseradish cream pressed between crusty Italian Bread." Doesn't that sound just wonderful? Well, I convinced my mom to get it, so I could have a bite of it of course... well, it failed to impress. The best part of the meal was the sweet potato fries! Man, were those suckers good!

You had to guess it was me who ordered the Mexican food at a steak mecca! Traditional Beef Enchiladas - Flour tortillas, Ground Beef, Jack and Cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, Cotija cheese & lime sour cream. Served of course with Spanish rice & refried beans. Well, I made the wrong decision on this one. Not exactly Mexican food - but a tame watered down version. I should have known but when I see "enchilada" I have a brain lapse...

Harris Ranch has so much to offer food wise. Go to The Steakhouse Intimate dining for special dinners and occasions, reservations recommended - it is always busy. Step inside The Ranch Kitchen to enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner in a family atmosphere. Or lastly, the Horseshoe Bar to catch up on a game or the latest news while enjoying a hearty meal and beverage of your choice. So, my mom and I made some poor choices while ordering this go around. Well, I take that back - I did! I forced her into getting what she ordered. My recommendation is to order steak, steak and more steak while visiting the Harris Ranch. It is what they do best. I am the crash test dummy on this one, don't venture off the carnivore option. I give Harris 1.65 thumbs up for a clean, well managed stop along Interstate 5.


JustinM said...

I've eaten there several times through the years, either on the way back from trips to San Jose or Sacramento, both of which I used to go to frequently. I've never had a meal that was great, although in all fairness I have never had a meal that was lousy, either. Everything has just been, well, average. Once I discovered Mr. Tibbs Ribs in Bakersfield, that became my go-to stop.

Jill said...

It's such a bummer when you order something and it's not as good as you expected. Maybe next time.