Monday, February 2, 2009

The Elegant Touch - Hollister, Ca

I went on a house search on my lunch break today and had only about 20 minutes to grab something to eat back at my office. I was driving downtown and decided to pull into The Elegant Touch located at 601-A San Benito Street.


I don't normally go to The Elegant Touch for lunch for one reason and that reason only - the lack of available parking! There is bank located on the corner, and there are several other buildings surrounding the restaurant taking up all the available spots! You have to really luck out to find an open parking space around noon time. But, they seem to always have a special and today was no exception.

Click on the Photo to read the Weekly Specials!

Yum yum - Tomato Basil.

I ordered the Half and Half to-go. My half sandwich was a Tuna Melt and my half soup was Tomato Basil - available everyday. The sandwich was nothing to write home about, the bread was barely toasted and cheese barely melted. The tuna salad mixture was nice though, it had huge chunks of celery making it a nice crunchy texture. The soup was excellent. Hands down best Tomato Basil I have yet to have anywhere else in Hollister. They included Saltines and a juicy dill pickle in my to-go package, that was really nice!

All in all, The Elegant Touch is a fine place to drop in and order your meal, whether you take it to-go or sit and eat in. It does tend to be extremely busy during the lunch hour and it fills up in a hurry because there is limited seating. I don't mind that you have to stand in line and order your meal at the counter either, in fact I think it helps you receive your order faster. The dessert display is conveniently located where you stand in line where you order - forcing you to drool profusely and then order as many sweets you can get your hands on! For the price of $7.50 - the Half and Half gave me enough energy to get me through my day, and write this post! Melissa Good Taste gives it 1.50 thumbs up!



Heather said...

mmmmm. tomato basil soup! sounds delicious! and those desserts look amazing!

Melissa Good Taste said...

FYI - I went back to Elegant Touch today to get the French Onion Soup and a half of the Chicken Salad sandwich to go. The French Onion soup was awesome everyone!!! The sandwich was mehhhhhhhhh...