Friday, November 28, 2008

My Thanksgiving...

What a day! I got to visit with my extended family, eat fabulous food and give thanks for the many blessings in my life. Enjoy my photos and take a walk with me through my Thanksgiving Day...

My Grandfather, also known as Papa, and his sidekick Ulrich Von Dassel.

My Aunt Tricia and Cousin Robert.

Aunt Carolyn

My mom, Kathy.

The Dinner Table to seat 27.

My Uncle Don and Aunt Susan with Dolan and Cody.

My Aunt Tricia with my cousins John and Robert.

My Nanny.

My Nanny's favorite appetizer, Caviar and Cream Cheese with pearl onions.

One of many dips my mother made to fill us up before dinner.

A small portion of the original Crompton Family.

My cousins with my Grandparents. My family.

My cousin Charles and his... girlfriend Alesia...stay tuned on that...

The Renz Family - Allan, Allison, Aunt Carolyn, Uncle Greg, Shannon.

Cousins: Robert and Dana Crompton.

All of the cousins.

As you probably guessed, we did ALL the cooking. ;)

The Turkey with a a lemon meringue and pecan pie.

Making gravy.

Plate of Thanksgiving goodness.

Dishing it up!



Allan gave it a thumbs up!

My Thanksgiving plate.

Cheese cake!

Carolyn's Sweet Potato Creation.

Brendon really cleaned his plate. Must have been good!


Uncle Robbie

Shannon loves Pumpkin pie filling.

What is this?... read below...

And the biggest news of the day... Charles and Alesia are getting married!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet family! :)

Merrie said...

Wow -- 27?! That's so amazing! Our extended family used to get together every Christmas season, and we probably had 40 or 50 people, but it was buffet and we spread all over. I'm impressed by the sit down.
Also impressed by all the fabulous looking food -- how did that pecan pie turn out so perfectly designed?? Very cool.