Sunday, August 10, 2008

19th Hole - Tres Pinos, Ca

Attention, attention everyone! The 19th Hole is OPEN! The much anticipated bar and restaurant is looking sharp and ready to rock and roll!

Doesn't the building in and out look sharp! The outside was restored perfectly. The inside is a mix between old and new. I love it. They did an impeccable job restoring and updating. The bathrooms are gorgeous!

The menu is not too big but I appreciate them getting to the point. I would like to see an appetizer or two on the menu because I like to order little somethings.

The chicken meal came out first. The breast came sliced perfectly on a plate that included asparagus, Caesar salad and a huge baked potato. The plate was large and the portions were enough for two! I tried Nina's chicken and it was cooked perfectly over an oak fired grill.

The Rib eye meal came out second and boy didn't it look impressive! I was amazed at the size of the steak! It too was cooked over an oak fired grill and was cooked to perfection! The asparagus was cooked al dente and so it had a good bite to it. The baked potato was nice and comforting with the sour cream and heap of butter. The Caesar salad was well dressed and welcomed on to the plate.

All in all the 19th Hole was a great experience. Usually restaurants who open have problems the first few weeks, the 19th Hole however was awesome! Great service, fantastic food and excellent decor. There will be nothing but good things reported by me when it comes to this local establishment. Both Florian and Carlos have put together a fabulous business that I am sure will succeed. Two thumbs up from this cowgirl! Go on down and have dinner and check out the vintage photos still posted up in the bar!



Anonymous said...

I been thinking about going there! glad to hear they're pretty good!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I went there a couple of weeks ago and the place was awesome. Food is served quick and still hot, and the beer cold. A great place. We'll be back.

Shellie and Peter
Los Gatos, CA

Anonymous said...

who did all the authentic steel work?