Monday, August 17, 2015

Will Work For Cacti...

Don't be mad at me, I have been a very bad blogger. I have neglected my beloved readers and just basically took a break from the pressures of creating the daily post. My life has changed a lot from my last post as I have taken a very large project on. I have been landscaping and decorating acres and acres of our Ojai ranch. I had a blank canvas to work with and worked night and day to create a space that completely screams "MELISSA"- Take a look!

I have worked myself to the bone, day in and day out! I have moved heavy pots and spiky cacti to create the coolest space possible. I am partial to the color pink of course, but I use so much color that it probably looks like a rainbow tornado upon first visit. My love for cacti and succulents is quite extreme, most of my day is spending dreaming up new combinations. I also have a love for tropical plants and decor so my esthetic is quite eclectic. 

I know my style does not suit everyone but it brings me great joy. I can't believe I became the crazy lady who leaves her Christmas lights up all year long!

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