Sunday, March 1, 2015

Rincon Brewery - Carpinteria, CA

 How cool does this place look? I received a special invite from my sweet friends, Lindsay to check out a new brewery located in cool Carpinteria. Carpinteria tends to be a little busy on the weekends due to the safe beaches and downtown shopping so if you see a open parking spot, you better grab it!

All the beers sounded good for different reasons. The Bates Blonde is of course light and drinkable and there is also a nutty Mac Brown that would be fabulous on a cool evening. But the one that made it into my glass was a Mexican inspired Vienna Lager names "La Reina".

The menu read like a perfect combination of comfort food and fresh vegetables. I love the idea of the Fried Chicken Salad filled with with crisp green but then made naughty with the fried chicken and cornbread! We opted for a large bowl of Onion Strings to share and I ended up eating most of them. They were greasy, salty and just perfect.

Thank Lindsay for the invite!

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