Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Hanalei Gourmet - Hanalei, HI

The Hanalei Gourmet seemed like the happening spot to have lunch so we went twice! The place is small so be prepared to wait or sit outside on the deck. Either way it is worth the wait.

I tried the Seafood Chowder. It was pretty good. I could tell that my friends butter and cream were at the party so I was one happy girl. Hawaiians sure love their butter!

What is a restaurant experience without crab cakes? Lots of peppers in the mix so it cut down the crab to mouth ratio. The pineapple aioli was worth the wait. Yum.

Fish and chips. My two favorite things on a plate: fried and seafood. this was mahi mahi and totally big, fresh chunks of fish with a light, crisp batter really sealed the deal. So delicious.

And a good old Grilled Chicken Sandwich. Nothing crazy just all together filling and good for you! Minus those tasty fries. They tasted like they were double fried. I love that...

All in all, good solid place to through back some lunch. For dinner head to The Dolphin, watch for my next post to knock your socks off!

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