Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baja Cantina - Carmel, CA

My Mom and I had cruised over to the Carmel Valley Ranch Round Up to watch my brother and family compete. Worried we were going to be late we ran through Starbuck's in enough time to get there just in time. Yes! The full day of horse activity was lovely. James ended up second in the Ranch Horse Class and second in the Branding with my cousins. After soaking in enough sun my mom and I scrambled.

This is the Baja Cantina located in Carmel. Isn't the outside welcoming?

The patio was beautiful!

It was a warm day so we elected to sit inside. Funky and fun!

Margarita time! On the rocks with a touch of salt please!

Chips and salsa. The chips were good, and seasoned ever so lightly. I thought the salsa was just ho hum. Even a touch commercially mild. My mom thought it was spicy. She thinks everything is spicy.

We order an half order of guacamole. We love guacamole. This was just ok too. Nothing bad but nothing fabulous.

Guaymas Shrimp Bisque was on the menu and you know this cowgirl had to try it. Kathy I split a cup, which really was a crock... Shrimp, garlic, cognac in a vegetable cream base is how it read. It tasted more like tomato soup with bay shrimp mixed in. I am a soup girl and this one didn't pass my test. It just needed something!

My order of the Enchiladas Yucatan was up first. They were two corn tortillas filled shredded pork marinated in chile negro, achiote and oranges. YUM! There were sides of habanero salsa, tomatillo sauce, pico de gallo, queso fresca, refried beans and rice. Holy mackerel, there was plenty of food! I loved this dish. It reminded me of mole.

Kathy's order is up next and it is a fun one... Mango Chicken Enchiladas! Also two corn enchiladas, these stuffed with chicken, topped with cheese and bathed in tropical mango sauce. Served with rice and beans of course. This was fruity and very fun. It was kind of like island food!

Last but not least dessert! Yummo... We ordered the "Below the Border" which was a deep fried ball of coconut macadamia ice cream resting in a cinnamon tortilla bowl. How much fun is this? It tasted lovely of course, I was just so full!!!

I loved this place. The exterior and well as interior was decorated so funky. Made for a really neat atmosphere. There is a ton of stuff on the menu, not just Mexican but who orders that stuff anyway? The waitstaff was attentive and got the job done with a smile. Prices were right on as well. Very affordable. One compliant was the bar was a touch too lively for an enjoyable meal. They should calm the crazies down. They got a little to wild for me to enjoy lunch with my mother dear. Will I return? Yes! A wonderful meal on the patio is on the books! 1.75 thumbs up!


Jill said...

OH YUM... the food looks so good. Gotta love a great dining experience.

JustinM said...

My parents had their honeymoon in Carmel so we used to take a family vacation there about once a year. As an adult I try to go back whenever I can, but, unfortunately, it's not once a year anymore.